So I went to buy a pair of jeans the other day and ended up discovering I’m getting old. From store to store all they had were jeans with holes in them. Now this is alright if you have a great old pair of jeans you can’t bring yourself to throw away, I have a few of those myself, but when I’m shopping for new jeans, I want them to look freaking new! As soon as this thought ran through my head in the store…oh I needed to stop and find myself a strong drink. I can’t believe at 21 I’m finally understanding what my parents always went through when I wanted something new and trendy…and completely ridiculous. Sorry mom.

Anyway, had a great weekend. We ventured up to the camp yesterday and I continued my mastery of riding a quad. That last part was dripping with sarcasm, I am actually awful at it, but I’m getting better. It doesn’t take me half an hour to actually start moving.

Today I had a rare Sunday off and Justin and I spent it on the bike cruising around and stopping at houses that were for sale. We have the house bug like whoah, it’s pretty bad, but completely amazing.

And here’s today’s picture:

I took that riding through a local park off the back of the bike…while it was moving. Granted you really can’t go more than 35ish through there, so of course Jut’s going at least 45…I must have looks interesting staring up through my camera off the back of a crotch rocket. haha.

In any case, I’m finishing my beer and I’m headed to bed, because I’m old.