Happy Memorial Day!

Guess where I’m at? Work! haha. It’s alright through, we’re dead as door nails today.

My daily rant for the day, however, is about stupidity in general. I work in tech support, that’s obvious. when you’re dealing with computers you need to tell people to restart their computers pretty often. You would not believe how many conversations go like this:

Me: Okay, can I have you restart your computer for me?
Customer: Restart the computer?
Me: Yes
Customer: Restart the computer or turn off the computer?
Me: Restart
Customer: Restart the computer?
Me: Yes, restart.

Seriously. They obviously know there is a difference. Why do I need to repeat myself so many times for something so simple? You should restart your computer fairly often, but you would be blown away at the number of people who have their computers for ages before it gets any sort of downtime, turned off or otherwise. Honestly. We need more Darwinism.

For more fun at stupid consumer’s expense, Notalwaysright.com is great for a laugh, or maybe it will just give you the feeling of how doomed our species really is.

On a happier note, I have a little herb garden, and I’m very proud. haha. Since we live in an apartment right now I really can’t go all out on a full-blown garden, but this will be nice practice until I get my big garden next year =)

I’m rather proud! I love to cook, and anything fresh always makes things taste better. Can’t wait to add some garden fresh veggies one day!