-Bern Williams

Oh summer, why do you leave me every year? So cold for 9 months, and then you come back into my life as though you never left!

I’m such a country girl at heart.

Isn’t that the most kickass picture of a JB bottle ever? I thought so. We live in such an incredible apartment complex. We have minimal neighbors, we can have bbq’s until whenever in the morning, and we even have a fire pit, and people just leave us stuff to burn. Score one for us!

Anyway. It’s the first day of June! That, to me, signifies summer is official. It’s too bad that this is going to be such a crazy busy summer. I’m taking for of my upper level classes online between June and July, and I picked up an extra job/internship in the morning. My morning job is pretty amazing. I get to help out with city kids doing playground activities like crafts and sports and whatnot. I’m learning more organizing this program than I have in three years of college! Just goes to show that real-life experience is the key to everything.