I hate doing laundry. I hate it in the way of if I run out of underwear I would rather get in my car and drive to wal-mart and buy more instead of doing laundry. It’s that bad.

That is almost a months worth of Justin’s and my laundry. Two normal sized laundry baskets and a huge rubber maid container that was originally purchased for the move. We are bad. It’s not entirely our fault though. Our apartment doesn’t have on-site laundry, nor do we own a washer or dryer. We have a convenient 24 hour laundromat downtown that we can go to whenever, which used to be after midnight when we got off work. Now I have to wake up around 8AM, so spending 2+ hours after midnight doing laundry just isn’t feasible anymore. Justin said he’s going to try doing our laundry once a week while I’m at work, or we go before we both have to work on my day off of my second job. We just have to, most of the time it looks like my laundry basket threw up!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m getting dressed I get into these moods where I hate absolutely everything. I put something on, look in the mirror, and the immediately rip it off. After repeating those last few steps a couple times it’s hard to remember what color carpet we have, or if there’s even a floor under the sea of clothes in the first place. It’s kind of sad.

In other news, happy hump day! We’re halfway to the weekend!