Oh my, the heat!

I have to say, I love hot weather. I would so do well in the tropics where all you do is lay around and sweat. Hell freaking yeah. To bad I live in Pennsylvania, and we only get maybe a month and a half or two of gorgeous, scorching, summer heat.

I did get some sun today at the playground job.  I may buckle down and get some sunscreen…but I really want a tan! haha.  I love being out in the sunshine.

Another nice thing about the heat is after the rain, it makes scenes like this:

right out of a travel brochure.  That was taken this weekend up at the camp.  Beautiful river, and very fun to tube down!

Speaking of camp, we’re going up for a week straight at the end of June into July.  WITH MY NEW QUAD! sorry, just had to throw that in there.

bye now!