I’m running in hyper speed.

I’ve admitted to myself before that I’m completely addicted to being busy. Some people would call it a workaholic, but I’m not sure that’s the case. A full calender is a happy calender for me, and I’m really not sure why.

I’ve read here and there that there is evidence to support that most women overdo it without meaning to. We’re predestined to feel the need to accomplish it all and take on more than we should. I’m not sure if that’s bologna or not, but I definitely feel it. I took on another 25 hour a week job this summer on top of my 35 hour a week job. On top of that I also decided to take another four school classes online for an extra 12 credits. That’s actually a full semester’s load of credits. Those are my major projects for this summer, two jobs and school. I don’t stop there though, I have to have plans for every single moment. Get my nails done, red a book, get laundry done, cook dinner, try to squeeze in seeing my family and friends that mostly live an hour or more away.

Work at a job I love, work at a job I hate.

It’s exhausting but sometimes I just get the biggest high from it because I’m accomplishing it. I feel like I’m not a worthwhile human being unless I’m pushing myself to the breaking point, then right before I’m about to shatter into a million pieces…I drink a glass of wine and call it a day.

This wine has the coolest name, but both Lori and I hated it. I have to admit, however, if a royal bitch were to in fact be turned into a bottle of wine, that is surely what she would taste like. 😉