So, I had a job interview today. Nothing special, just run of the mill office work, unfortunately my school schedule interferes too much, so no dice. That’s alright, I guess. I wasn’t sure how up for a change I really was, although it would be nice to get out of customer service. The customer is never right, don’t let them lie to you. I figure I have another year, I think I can stick it out. hopefully this time next year I will be done with my education and on to bigger and better things…like our wedding šŸ˜‰

What, you thought you weren’t going to be reading about it today? pshh. It’s my new quiet obsession, just don’t tell Justin. I promised I wouldn’t obsess. It’s not like wedding stuff is the only thing I talk about in daily conversation, I think I’m a pretty level headed bride-to-be (Wow! I’m a bride-to-be!) But seriously, it’s a great thing to day dream about when I’m feeling frustrated with where I am now. I have a few ideas here and there, especially for what to do about favors and centerpieces.

Justin and I had our first kiss after hitting the bottom of a (quite large) bottle of wine. Justin called it the liquid courage he needed, haha. We’re a couple winos, so I’m trying to think of a way to incorporate wine into the wedding without making it the main beverage. One, because it would get pricey, and two, not everyone loves it as much as us. Another thing we love are candles. We probably burned through 100 candles during the winter months after we moved in in January, it was crazy. What do you get when you combine wine and candles?

I came up with an idea like this. This photo courtasy of Basically it’s a gel candle in a wineglass. Perfect, huh? Of course I’m not going to buy them all pre-made, that would be a bit pricey. I really am dead-set on doing 80% of all the little details myself, I love being crafty and artsy, and this is the perfect opportunity to experiment. Who knows, maybe I’ll get so kick-ass at it I can start a little side business on, haha.
Anyway. This site gives you the run down on how to make gel candles, what you need, etc. I also want to put my own spin on things too. I will splurge to get personalized glasses, just because I’m all about personalizing…everything. ha.

This is a design I came up with through the So far they seem to have the best prices, as well as the best glass selection and personalization selection.
Now all we need to do is pick some colors! I seriously have NO idea what I personally want to use, and I’m pretty sure as long as I don’t want to use bubblegum pink Justin won’t have any major problems. I was thinking though, since Justin’s new favorite color happens to be Orange, I thought a bright blue/light orange theme would look really awesome for an early summer wedding.
Another little touch I want to add to the candles, basically because the centerpieces will have them, are those little stone gems, like these: Kinda like the pretty fishbowl effect =) This website looks like a possibility for lots of purchasing. I’ll put the stones down at the bottom of the glass before the gel candle part. I figure to add some variety some will be blue stones/orange candle gel, and others orange stones/blue gel. If that looks awful, I’m thinking of just mixing the blue/orange stones at the bottom and using clear gel. Maybe a champaign tint…oh the possibilities! Justin’s head is going to implode when he reads this…but he’s stuck with me =) It will be great to start experimenting with everything. I probably won’t start anything too hardcore until it starts getting cold out and I don’t want to be outside anymore. Our space bedroom is going to be overflowing with a ton of wedding stuff…and I can’t wait!

You’ll also notice a new little page at the top called Wedding Randoms, I’ll start popping pictures in there documenting this whole thing from start to finish =)

And finally, in case I haven’t bored you enough, here’s what I did yesterday!

’til next time!