Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend sleeping? Have you ever stepped back and thought about how much you could be getting done if sleep was not a requirement to live? I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Seriously. So much time is dedicated to being unconscious.

Speaking of which, I’m dead tired. So tired to the point of just being in zombie mode. I can type around 80 wpm…yeah, I’m reduced to around 30 now. I’m just so strung out. School is what gets to me the most. I made a huge mistake with one of my online classes, basically I thought it was only a month long…like the other 6 online classes I’ve taken. Yeah, not so much. So I don’t log into that particular class for a couple weeks, then I start to wonder why it hasn’t turned off on my online class page. I look at it again and it’s not over until the end of July. After that discovery I frantically emailed my professor and asked to withdraw from the class. I’m still waiting on his reply.

My other two classes are alright. I’m keeping up with them, but I am going to need to find some time, when I don’t know, to just haul ass on a couple papers that they require.

Knowing that I have the rest of my life to look forward to after this next bleak year-and-a-half is very uplifting. Justin’s being such a good sport about my zealous wedding obsession. He’s even helping with the gust list right now! I have a really amazing man, be jealous 😉