I think I mentioned before, I looove to cook. Last night after work I opened up the fridge to try to figure out what I wanted to make for dinner for tonight. Something easy, as I just got off work and just wanted to veg out on the couch. sooo…
I came up with this. A tasty stir fry made not with soy sauce, but Ken’s Steakhouse Asian Sesame with Ginger & Soy. Credit should be given to Bree, who introduced me to this delicious dressing. I call it Asian Sesame Chicken Stir Fry. Anyway, in keeping with the tradition I have of not supplying measurements, the ingredients are: rice (minute), boneless chicken breast, marinaded (I’ll tell you the marinade in a jiffy), about half a bag of frozen broccoli, (but feel free to use fresh, of course) a whole bag of mixed veggies, including carrots, corn, and green beans, and then a tiny bit of dried tarragon leaves. Emphasis on the tiny, tarragon be strooonngg. For the chicken marinade, I used quite a big of that dressing I mentioned earlier, a couple drops of soy sauce, oriental chili sauce, (love the spice!) and sesame seed oil. I simmered the chicken on low in a frying pan (Justin’s pretty particular about his wok, so I don’t touch it 😉 Once the chicken was cooked through I added the rice and veggies and dumped more sesame dressing over it all to coat it, then just let everything simmer together. It’s fiance approved, and I love it, so I highly suggest trying it simply on the basis of how simple it is. We’ll be eating that for dinner here come break time, yum!

I was actually in a hardcore cooking mood last night. On top of having the chicken cooking I was boiling water for tea and baking muffins. haha. I was on a roll. Today for lunch I made another favorite dish of mine that you may or may not be familiar with… Cucumber Salad, made my way of course 😉 This is actually a weird comfort food for me. My mom tells me when she was pregnant with me she always craved onions and vinegar, and would eat this type of stuff all the time. Now I love really strong-tasting food, so I love this salad. Justin went to his parents house today and came back with a lovely bag full of produce, so in this salad I put cucumber, onions (usually red, but this time yellow from the garden), tomatoes (my personal favorite veggie), along with that Salad Supreme seasoning I told you about in my previous cooking post (seriously, I swear by it), dried basil leaves, and then a mix of white wine vinegar, distilled white vinegar, and red wine vinegar. Told you I like it strong! I just cut up the veggies and mix the rest of the ingredients into a Tupperware container so I can seal it up and shake it. I’ll warn you, this really isn’t for everyone, and with the amount of vinegar I like in mine you may want to be cautious, but that’s one reason I don’t care about giving measurements. The definition of good food is vastly different for different people. I love just about all food, but like I mentioned before, I like very strong, flavorful food. The spicier the better, too.

Anywho, just thought I’d share my latest culinary endeavor..I’ll be doing grilled chicken or kabobs next 😉