My mind has been everywhere lately.

My main obsession, and has been for awhile, is buying a house. Which leads to my next obsession, attempting to save money. I cannot save money. I should not be allowed to handle money. I cannot wait to marry Justin so I never have to balance a checkbook again. That said, I still have two years before he’ll accept my checking account, so I’m on my own ’til then. I want to have enough money saved up so that I can cover bills and expenses for three months. that’s really only about $2,500. I pay my car, insurance, the groceries for Justin and myself, gas, and the electric bill. So seriously, why do I have such a hard time driving to the bank and setting up an account? Whenever something happens and I need a good chunk of money I tell myself “Next pay day I’m setting up a savings”. That started like…3 years ago. That slightly ridiculous. I should have done this already. My other goal, along with Justin, is to clear any credit card debt we have before diving into the house purchasing thing. I seriously just don’t know where my money goes.

I have learned a few things after moving in with Justin. One, best not to let him come grocery shopping (sorry honey!) And always, always have a list. I use the notepad on my itouch and it works beautifully. I usually meal plan at work and have a few things planned out for the next week or so. I’m learning to be a good housewife 😉