It’s almost October! You know what that means! HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN!

Yeah, I’m such a kid. I don’t care. I love Halloween. It could possibly be my favorite holiday. So I thought I’d share with you a little peek into the past:
This is me, age 19, my Sophomore year in college. I was still a little green to the world of adulthood, and it was also when my parents were still paying my rent (oh those were the days…now Justin pays for it 😉 ) haha. but seriously, I still worked in a restaurant and made just an itsy-bitsy bit more than the minimum wage and was generally the stereotypical college student we all know and love. There’s a lot of ups and downs and differences between that girl in the picture there and the one who is writing this entry. I think I like the girl who’s writing a little better. Not too too much better, the other girl might get jealous, but just a little bit. That was my roommate at the time, Natalie. We met when I was a freshman and hit it off pretty well. unfortunetly, like most of the people I met in the early stages of college, we don’t see each other or get together as much as I like. That’s what happens when life happens. That was a pretty great night, and was the 5th night in a row that the group of us went out. That’s the thing about a college town, you can always find something to do, wether or not you’re 21. This is probably one of my favorite costumes. In case you couldn’t tell, I was a cop, a pretty cute one I might add 😉 I also had black hair. It was my thing then. No, I wasn’t goth, just experimenting a lot with my hair. I still am, maybe I’ll do a hair time line. You would be pretty flippin’ amazed I still have any hair left at this point, what with thre dying, bleaching, and repeating. Anyway. That is actually the last night I went out partying as a college girl to a frat house. Yes, I did the frat house thing. It was fun for maybe a year, it was already getting old for me as this picture was taken, but I was forcing myself to be a normal college kid. Didn’t work so well. So I gave up the cheap beer and shady people after this night. And shifted my attention to Justin. muahaah. No really, this is about when Justin and I started to get real close (must have been the cop outfit) and I just spent most of my free time with him. I have to say, time with him is time spent better than drinking cheap beer, this man introduced me to wine! ♥ ♥ haha. Anyway. Maybe the cop outfit did or did not win me my man, but I’ll run with it 😉 Anywho.
my first Halloween with Justin. We were some pretty kickass mobsters. This was our first Halloween together as a couple so it was really important to me. This picture was taken up at his camp. We actually had two Halloween parties last year, it was so awesome. This year I will be legal and drinking to my heart’s content.

Anywho. Justin and I are still pining over a house. I love our place right now, but seriously, I just want a place we own, that we can paint, that we can have a couple pets. And party, of course, before we have babies. that’s pretty important too. haha. I think we’ve given ourselves a semi-timeline. We’re going to wait until around March before we go too gung-ho, and hopefully we’ll have a little bit saved up to eat the closing costs and whatnot. I’m just a little afraid that we have our expectations set too high. We want land, Justin wants a garage, I want at least three bedrooms, there’s just a lot to it. We wouldn’t be happy living right in town, but the further out you get the more expensive you get as well. It really just is a lot more work than when you first say to yourself: “i want a house”. haha. But I have the bug and I usually don’t give something a rest until I’m satisfied.
I’d actually really love a house we could just gut from the inside and make it completely our own. I also wouldn’t mind a house that was so perfect we wouldn’t have to touch it, but anyway. It would be pretty cool to find a cheaper fixer-upper that we can paint and carpet (or hardwood, or rip out carpet for hardwood, etc) and just make it completely our own. Justin’s pretty damn handy, andso is his brother. I’m sure those two would have no problem being let loose in a house they can remodle to their heart’s content. And then I can paint it. heh.