That time is loooong passed.

So I have rounded out part of my new financial plan. It’s the part where I make more than I spend and whatnot and take advantage of my work place’s available open overtime. I even did math and everything! Here we go, I break it down:

  • Right now, until raises in November, I make $11.45 an hour. After taxes I make roughly $8.86 an hour. This may or not be right, I basically looked at one of my paychecks and divided my pay by the hours I worked. I did this with a couple different paychecks and came up with about $8 and some change. If I work 40 regular hours a week it comes to about $640.00. I won’t pretend that any of this is exact, I am no mathematician, that’s for sure. Onward.
  • We get paid time and a half for every hour over 40 we work per week. so after 40 hours I make about $13.29, again this is after taxes are taken out, and again, a rough estimate. So…
  • If I work an extra 8 hours a week of just overtime hours, I will make an extra $106.32 a month.
  • This means about $746.32 a paycheck. We get a paycheck twice a month, so that totals to $1,492 a month.
  • Now to subtract the mandatory bills, basically everything I pay for besides credit cards. Car payment ($185.00) Car Insurance ($152.00) Groceries ($200.00) and electric ($75.00) this leaves $885.00 for credit card payments, fun, and savings. I plan on putting about $200.00 a month to both credit cards and savings.Whew.
  • Whew. That’s a lot of numbers. I intend to stick with that a couple months, especially with Christmas right around the corner.