I found a very excellent site the other day while trying to find a cure for my boredom. Unrulyweds.com Now, not only is it funny, it is also full of known facts. And they display these facts in cartoon form, I share:

Oh yes. This is a very accurate depiction of how I have progressed in my job. I started off all bright-eyes and bushy-tailed, now I’m like a bitter war torn customer service veteran.

I haven’t really gone into too much detail about what my job consists of, so here’s the cliff notes. I work in a call center for a medium sized cable company. Customers call into my phone if they have a problem connecting to their cable internet or other internet related problems, or if their voip phone isn’t working. The company itself isn’t bad, especially for this business. We get some nice perks for working here and the pay is great. However, upon working here longer, I realized that they almost need to give us the perks and the pay or no one would last more than a year.

Now, we support internet. This includes mail clients like outlook and minor browser issues. People will call into our center for things that have no relation whatsoever to the service we provide for them. for example, printers. I get a couple people a day who expect help if their printer isn’t working. Or the computer has a virus, etc. Not my job. Being the first person a customer talks to about an issue also is like you’re the first line of troops going into battle. The customers are mad and take it out on you if the service isn’t working as expected. You need a lot of patience and you basically have to put all emotions aside and act like a robot. My company doesn’t use scripts to troubleshoot, but after doing this for two years I feel like I have an internal script sometimes.

Customer service is truly a very thankless job. I do think that the company I work for is actually very excellent in responding to customer needs as a whole. If your service is completely not working, we can even arrange to usually get someone out to fix it the same day you call in, if not usually the very next day, any day of the week. Our support is also free, as our service calls are. But boy, some people. Some people must expect that they have their own personal field tech assigned to them any hour of the day and we are awful people to keep them waiting more than half an hour. It’s silly.

Seriously, I could go on for hours and hours all the trials and tribulations of customer service, but I’ll probably save that for some other time. Right now I’m just feeling a little burnt out and ready for a change. I’m just not sure just what that change is. I’m also usually an avid Consumerist reader, but I just can’t stand how everyone things customer service reps are lowlifes. It’s a job, that’s about it.