-Laiko Bahrs

Justin and I made home made pizza last night! I have to say, Mr. Bahrs is right. You can improvise on just about any level when it comes to cooking, and sometimes you get something surprisingly amazing, and sometimes you mess up big time, but you never end up with something completely off the mark of what you were aiming for (usually) Baking is a whole other ball game. I am the queen of chocolate chip cookies, however it took a million different, ahem, experiments to get them the right way. Most of the time I ended up with a slightly edible mess, but I got it right eventually. I haven’t ventured too far into the world of baking, but I generally fail miserably. I can’t help thinking to myself ohh, more milk will make is softer….more yeast will make it rise quicker, I need more flour, it’s not going to bake right….. etc. I should learn to follow directions, but it’s just not in my genes. My dad always said I cook like his father, throw everything in that sounds good to me. haha I am not a baker, simply because I hate following a recipe when cooking, but there is a difference between baking and cooking. Thank God. We made homemade crust last night. I found a great recipe for beer crust, you can get the recipe here. We used AmberBock beer, in case you were wondering. We thought a dark beer would give it more of that beer type kick, oh, and Justin really likes it. I’m not much of a dark beer person, but it wasn’t bad at all. It actually gives the dough a sweeter taste to it and really brings out the yeasty flavor. We also experimented with bread sticks, and used this recipe. For the bread sticks we melted butter and mixed in a good amount of garlic powder and parsley. It was soooo good. I might brave bread again to make those…or just buy the pilsbury dough packs 😉 I have to state this again, I am so not a baker. I love cooking with Justin (and isn’t he cute with the flour all over the place?) and making dough was kind of fun….but I’m not sure how much I like the extra effort. I was so afraid of adding too much of this or that, but still be able to manage the dough. I like being able to take liberties with my cooking, and that’s just not something I can do with baking. Bread stuff is really testy too, you have to wait for it to rise and all that BS, I am also not an incredibly patient person, so baking is pretty much out for me. As you can see form the next picture, Justin is much better at beating it into submission than I am. You just can’t ask for anything more than a man who can cook! 😉 He’s definitely my other half. He and I have more in common than any other person I have ever met. As much as I love to cook and control the kitchen, there’s just something about cooking with someone and working together that makes for a wonderful night. (Not to mention inexpensive!) We even make a good team, although we do get slightly territorial. (Me: maybe add some onion powder to the sauce? Justin: No! Don’t ruin the sauce! My sauce! Mine Mine Mine!!!) That may or may not be exaggerated =) One of my favorite saying goes Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. – Harriet Van Horne
Well, we do both very well. Actually, when we were first together, he took me up to the camp (as he was living at home at the time and I lived in a college dorm) and cooked me Chinese! He worked so hard to cook me a great dinner, he totally had won me over by then.

Next week is going to bring a huge change for us. Justin’s new work schedule is going to be 9-5:30, while mine is staying 3:30-12. We’re basically looking at never seeing each other during the week, except for that 2 hour overlap at work. He’ll be asleep by the time I get home. One plus to this is that we will have Friday night off work, we’re both off Saturday, and I only work until 4 on Sunday. So basically we have a long weekend of nights we can catch up on, but we’re still looking at major change from Monday-Thursday. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. We (I) did come up with a new deal. Every week we take turns coming up with something new to do. Whether it’s cooking something new, like the delicious looking dish on the right there, or, like next week, we’re going to learn to brew beer! I just feel like we need to shake things up a little. Needing a change type of thing. Since we still have a couple months left on our apartment lease we can’t jump right into buying a house, so we’re saving and whatnot. Just need to keep ourselves occupied in the meantime. I was actually a little surprised how many things there actually are to do around here. Granted you have to be 21 for most of the things I found, so that wouldn’t have done me any good this time last year…but I’m 21 now so yay for me 😉 So yes. Next Saturday Brian, Brittany, Justin and I are going to an antique shop (which I’m sure Brian and Jut are thrilllled about) and then going to a beer brewing class. How awesome is that? Hopefully the guys won’t hate us too bad for dragging them to an antique store if they get to make their own beer later. haha. Tricky girls. Another thing I found to do around here is glass blowing. Glass blowing! They even offer classes on it! It’s not overly expensive either.  I guess it just goes to show you have to open your eyes a little to see what’s out there.