The holidays are coming!

This usually isn’t a time of too much stress, but this Thanksgiving is going to be very, very different.  Justin’s family is meeting mine!

Ok, it’s not going to be a huge blowout.  It’s going to cinsist of my family, my mom, dad, and 17 year old brother, and Justin’s mom, dad, brother and sister in law.  you know those two as John and Lori. haha.  this will all take place at my parents house.  I think my mom had a mini-panic attack at the thought of hosting dinner, but we simply just have the most room for nine people.  I know it has to be weird for all our parents, They have never met before, so technically they are strangers, although they are this close to being family.  My mom is a people pleaser too, so she’s a little worried about making a good impression…kind of like I was come to think of it 🙂  my brother and my dad are a lot more laid back.  My dad will keep my mom sane and Andrew will play video games. haha.

So now I’m looking up something new to make this year.  I’m not coming up with anything good unfortunetly.  Justin, my mom and I will be the cooks this year.  Justin and I are going to spend the night at my parents the night before Thanksgiving so we can wake up with my mom and start cooking so she isn’t too stressed.  I think it’s probably about time that they all met, considering we’re getting married and all that now. haha.

In any case, I will continue the search for the perfect recipe to impress all my family and hopefully we won’t burn the turkey!