My to-do list is never-ending lately! I can’t wait for the holidays, but I also can’t wait for them to be over too, isn’t that bad? haha.

Just a taste of what is on it:

  • Finalize Guest list (which is becoming a slight nightmare)
  • 10 page paper for crim class
  • Get copies of engagement pictures for Christmas cards
  • Write out and mail Christmas cards
  • Decide on and order my wedding dress (because I’m tall they need to special-order it, and that takes 18 weeks…I won’t have it until around March!!)
  • Price wine at our favorite neighborhood winery, Rustic Acres Winery. We’re looking at around 3 cases of the most amazing wine in the world!
  • Price kegs. Justin has really, really, really expensive taste in beer. Damn his good taste! haha
  • Apply for a liquor license. We’re having the wedding/reception in a dry county (I didn’t even think those existed anymore!)
  • Book appointment for bridal party for hair/makeup on wedding day.
  • Square away an officiant to marry us.
  • find bridesmaid dresses that work for everyone.
  • Find a florist/decide on flowers
  • Finish Christmas shopping!!

    Yeah, just a little taste of all the craziness to come. Along with all that, our last day of school before our little Thanksgiving break is tomorrow, and then only a week after that before finals. I can’t wait for a nice Christmas break, however, next semester is going to be so horrible words can’t even cover it. I’d like to get a lot of wedding stuff done before then, all the stuff that requires Justin and I to be somewhere at the same time together, because after break that available time is doing to diminish greatly. I’m enjoying it all though. I thrive on being busy, I love having a full schedule. But I also love that elusive down time of being a wino with my fiance at home, and that doesn’t happen much.

    I’m actually really looking forward to Christmas Eve. I get out of work at 8 and Justin is done at 5:30. We’re going to cook a huge Christmas dinner for the two of us (leftovers!) and watch a Charlie Brown Christmas with lots of wine. We started this little tradition last year because it was right after we moved in. we didn’t really have the time to put a tree up and it was before the cable/internet was installed, so we just enjoyed each others company with wine and a movie with a million candles. It was very romantic and relaxing. The next day consisted of running around like mad, but it’s family and so worth it.

    We had Thanksgiving dinner this past Saturday at my parents house. This was the first time my parents met any of his family, and I think it went over very well. My parents German Shepard (Panzer, named appropriately as the German word meaning “tank”) did not knock anyone over like I really thought he would. He’s almost 100 pounds, but only a year old and thinks he still weighs under 20. Everyone got along and there were not awkward silences, which are pretty much hthe worst possible thing ever. Our cooking was great, and everyone had a good time. Granted I was maybe a little half tipsy, if it weren’t for the wine I probably would have been on edge all night. I’m a professional worrier. Thank you, Lambrusco.

    These next few months are going to be so amazingly exciting, I really do feel like the luckiest woman in the entire world.