Day two of Alli. Not ready to go running in the other direction yet, haha.

I think I can do this. Why? Because I love to cook. I love to create new things in the kitchen and I love to experiment. The great thing about actually liking to cook, and better yet being decent at it, is that you have full control over what you eat. The main factor of the Alli program is that you can’t have more than 14 grams of fat per meal, it gets ugly if you do. So part of my diet is being meticulous about checking the nutrition facts. Today, I share a recipe I made up today. I’m proud to say that for the whole dish, only three of the ingredients had any fat what so ever, and it’s not much. Chicken breast, which is under 5 grams of fat, eggs, which are about 1 gram of fat an egg since I don’t use all the yolk, and Parmesan cheese which is about 2 grams a teaspoon, at least the kind I had on hand, I’m sure there’s fat free versions. This is my recipe for crispy chicken and broccoli:
First off, here’s the part that makes the chicken nice and crispy. I should specify that Justin and I do own a fryer, and our wing nights are awesome, but lordy, the fat. Anyway. I made the coating out of flour, onion power, garlic powder, garlic salt, grated Parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, and Caribbean jerk seasoning. My Caribbean jerk seasoning is actually from Hyman’s in South Carolina. But you can get it pretty much anywhere, I just love this blend and will cry when I’m out…or plan another trip down south! Anywho, mix it all together. Not hard. I have a garlic fixation, hence both the garlic powder and the salt, but you can make whatever you want more prominent, just use all the ingredients because they do come together wonderfully. Next is the special mixture, my secret ingredients! I mix three eggs, cutting out half the yolk on them, honey and Worcestershire sauce Weird, huh? I know, but just trust me. I’m sure there was a time when people thought peanut butter and jelly didn’t go together, and see where they are today? That’s right.   I should mention that before making all these crazy concoctions, I cut up two chicken breasts into itty-bitty pieces, seriously, like only half an inch big.  More crisping potential that way!  Mix the egg concoction together and throw a handful of chicken pieces in.  Take the pieces and coat them with the flour mixture and arrange them on a greased (no-fat pam spray!) baking sheet. like so. The cooking time was a little iffy. We just got a new stove, so I’m still getting used to the difference with this one and out old one (which was really, really old). I cooked these little beauties for about 20 minutes on 400. About halfway through I flipped them, just to get them nice and brown on both sides, but you can pretty much just let them go, they’re cut up small enough that you don’t have to worry about them not cooking through the whole way. I baked some tomato and broccoli in the oven for a little with some salt and pepper.
After all is said and done, I served everything with white rice, the broccoli and tomato, and topped it with the chicken, and it was goooooood! It got a thumbs up from Justin, so that’s always a good sign, not that he’s a real picky eater, he’s more like a vacuum cleaner, but I digress.
As I said before, it really helps to cook for yourself. I was in charge of absolutely everything I ate, and I got to jazz it up however I wanted with our glorious spice cabinet. I feel good about myself too, and I think I’m really going to be able to stick with it this time, I can’t wait to look great on my wedding day!