Sorry about the lack of effort lately with keeping this up to date. I, like the rest of the free world, got sucked into the Twilight series. Ho-ly shit. I read one book a day and completely devoured them. Guh. It’s been a long, long time since I got so immersed in a book that I refused to sleep until I was finished. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I tried, I needed to know.

And now, for some spoilers. I’ve been waiting a long time for a story like this!

I am so glad that they get to literally live forever together! I have always had a thing for fantasy novels and vampire stories a la Buffy and Angel and True Blood’s Sookie and Bill have always had a near and dear place in my heart. But no one ever gets to stay together!. Buffy left me hanging, hardcore. True blood will probably string me along for another couple years. Twilight’s Edward and Bella…good lord the passion and chemistry is just out of this world. In any vampire/human story they never let the human become a vampire. I’m so glad someone finally did! It would have broken my heart to have Bella get old and die and Edward stay young and pretty forever. I really felt this was a no-nonsense love story and was very well written. It was a simple read, coming from someone who reads like it’s her job. I think that’s why I liked it. It was like reading one of my beloved trashy romance novels on a whole different level and with more depth. Love. I’m trying to pimp the books out to anyone who will listen. Justin says he doesn’t have time to read them, but he did take me to see the movie on Saturday, which was awesome as well. I got all the warm fuzzy feelings during it, although I did get sad at the end because I know what happens in New Moon (which I am currently re-reading because I have a hard time letting go)
Speaking of new moon, it was done perfectly. Bella has a massive breakdown when Edward leaves her (thinking he’s doing more harm than good to her) and basically goes into a walking coma for months. That would so be me. I’m glad Stephanie Meyer (author) didn’t sugar coat it. A broken heart is a broken heart and feels worse than it sounds. And then Edward feels guilty when he comes back about leaving in the first place and Bella doesn’t go all holy on him, it’s great! Emotion in its most raw form.

Basically it was written exactly how I would have written it. I just wish I could work up the nerve to start my writing. Maybe during Christmas break when I have time off from school I’ll start brain storming some more. I have so many ideas, and books like this series motivate me and inspire me. One of these days.