I’m actually already over Christmas. I want it to be wedding time! I guess I should be glad we still have 8 months, there’s so much to do! I ordered my wedding dress yesterday, that will take 18 weeks to come in because I’m so tall. I guess they have to special order it (read: charge me more)

Oh well. If I weren’t tall I’d be obese. At least I have that.


Friday was my my last day of finals for the fall semester. I officially have three semesters to go. This coming spring semester will be my last as a single woman, the last semester signing my name Ariel F. That’s so surreal.

I tried to explain how marriage makes me feel to Justin, mostly the name changing thing, but I guess being a guy, he doesn’t get it. It’s going to be so different getting used to my new last name. I’m going to me Mrs. M. MRS! That sounds like I just aged 20 years. haha. When we had our families meet for Thanksgiving, I was wrestling with my upbringing as to how to introduce Justin’s mom. I grew up with it pounded into my head that those older than me are to be addressed properly. Mr. Mrs. Miss, you get it. But Justin’s mom is going to be my mother in law, does that mean I can call her by her first name? Does it only count after we tie the knot? I was nervous enough about that weekend that I was freaking out about every little detail. Then I took a step back and realized Justin’s sister in law was a Mrs., and I’m pretty sure my wonderful sister in law would punch me in a kidney if I introduced her as Mrs. anything to my parents. haha. But she’s not much older than I am. Certainly not in the range that I would ever think to call her Mrs. She has always been Lori. So then I kind of realized that I must be old enough to be a Mrs. Kids are going to be calling me Mrs. M. Our kids friends. I think I’m going to be one of those people who yells at anyone that addresses them properly. Ack!

But yeah, even with the whole “Mrs.” tacked on to me name, it’s going to be so different going by another surname. I’m glad Justin has a nice, normal, non-stupid surname, or I might have been compelled to keep my maiden name. But in 8 months my maiden name will be my…maiden name. It’s like I’m going to be a completely different person. New Social Security card, new drivers license (which will be a big-girl horizontal i.d. and not a horizontal “under 21” i.d., huzzuh!) But it’s going to feel like I’m a totally new person. New name, new identity. So weird.

I just wrote out a couple checks for the wedding. Another chunk towards the venue/caterer and a deposit for the vidographer/dj. He actually happens to be someone I graduated with. Small towns are great, you either know someone, or know someone who knows someone. I’m so glad that 99% of our wedding vendors are people we know. I don’t care to have strangers share our day. I grew up in a small town, I don’t think I would have wanted it any other way.