I’m in the process of flexing my (not so strong anymore) HTML muscles. I’m really just making an online website for the wedding, nothing fancy, but more to keep myself organized. I might even password protect some of it. haha. Although I do have to say, when I first really got interested in website coding and design (and it feels like a million years ago, why do I feel old?) about 7 years ago, so much has changed on the internet since then! I mean, HTML in its basic form has not changed, I can still use tags and use the link codes I’ve been using forever on here, but it’s the different browsers now that kill me! So yeah…it will just be linked at the top under “wedding randoms” so you can see what I’ve been up to 🙂 After Christmas you’ll start to see a big increase in pictures as I go out and actually buy stuff. I have the different bridesmaid dresses linked now. I have 5 bridesmaid’s altogether, and with different body times and heights, not to mention personal preference, I thought it might work out better to pick out a bunch I liked, then let everyone pick one that they’re most comfortable with. Check it out 🙂

I’m really excited about my writing adventure. I’m halfway into chapter 2, as well as some odd scenes here and there that struck me. Who knows where it goes. I’m not exactly a fan of rejection, and I’m pretty sure that if you set your sights on being a writer you’re basically a masochist, but hell. I want to do it. Maybe I’ll be the next Hemmingway…only I’ll be the wino version.