I’ve been busy this week!!
Obviously this was the week of Christmas. Christmas eve is always nice, we started a little tradition last year of Justin and I spending Christmas Eve at home together with candles and wine…and presents! I’m on my Christmas present from Justin right now, a shiny new acer laptop. LOVE it!
On Christmas day we spent the morning with Justin’s family. This is us at his parents house inspecting the presents, his family got me a wonderful gift card for some wedding day makeup and hair, spa day! I’m so excited. Everyone’s thinking on the same wavelength. After his family we drove out to my family and spent the rest of the night with wine and beer and amazing food, yum!
With all the Christmas money I collected, I hit Pat Catans. I was in heaven! I got all the stuff for the men’s boutonnieres for under 5$, that’s including Justin’s! I made this in about 10 minutes. I can’t believe how much people charge for flowers! I really wasn’t interested in real flowers to be honest. I am a professional worrier, and if I have complete control over the flowers, I wouldn’t have to worry about one more thing. I have to keep my mental health in mind through all this!
Justin liked it too, which is what is really important since he’ll be the one actually wearing it. Justin is not a real “frilly” kind of guy. He likes to dress up nice, but only if it’s in a very classic sort of way. No crazy colored tux for him. That’s absolutely great with me, Justin looks amazing in a classic black tux, although he is going with some interesting black and white shoes…haha. I can’t wait to see him all geared up, just like I can’t wait to get dressed up for him. They say that the wedding is your day, but it’s not my day, it’s Justin’s day. We’re having the day for each other. I really can’t explain how I feel about the wedding. It’s a surreal expierience. Justin and I are really married in every sense of the word. We live together, we are in a monogamous relationship without any desire to see other people, and we want each other to be the parents of our kids. We’re (cliche) soul mates. We get along better than I ever have with any previous roommate, and I think that’s the way it should be. Our relationship is easy. I really don’t know why people say love is hard, love hurts, etc. It really shouldn’t. At least not this relationship. Our personalities just click. Neither of us are the uptight type who has to have everything just so. Justin is the cleaner of the relationship, and I’m the one who makes sure we get to places on time. What else do you need? haha. We compliment each others personalities and never fight. I used to think there was something wrong with us, but we’ve been together two years and lived together for over a year. There’s really no more surprises. Here’s the bridesmaid bouquet I created. I should get a shot from the top, the picture doesn’t really do it any justice. It’s made out of medium sized calla lillies along with little white posies and baby’s breath. I tied it all together with ribbon that matches the apple color of the bridesmaid dresses. I only bought enough materials for one, but I definitely think this is what I’m going to go with, I love how they turned out! I’m not real sure if I like the hanging ribbon. I like more polished looks, but it has a certain charm too. And boy did I make those arrangements durable! You could beat someone to death with that thing and the flowers won’t move a bit. With my friends, that’s important. Er, the fact that they’re sturdy, not that you can beat someone to death with them πŸ˜‰
I love getting crafty, although I’ll admit I was terrified of the flowers. I never in my life arranged flowers or put them together or anything. I really didn’t have any idea how to start. I went to Pat Catan’s and grabbed some wire and ribbon, then spent about 20 minutes on the floral wall. they have an amazing selection of flowers in every shape and color. I already knew I loved calla lilies and roses, so picking flowers I knew I would like for the wedding wasn’t hard. Calla lilies will be for the bridesmaids and I’ll have roses and calla lillies and whatever else might catch my eye at the floral wall.
I’m so excited about my accomplishments this week. I got all the groomsmen boutonnieres done as well. I think I did a really good job! Not to brag or anything πŸ™‚ I’m really not a control freak, but I like to have things done. The less I have to worry about later when it gets down to the wire the better. As far as flowers go now, I just need to do four more bouquets for the bridesmaids, my own bouquet, and I’m thinking of doing a couple arrangements in memory of my grandma’s. We’re also going to have a wedding arch for the outside ceremony, I was thinking something like grape vines (a nod towards our love for wine, haha) to I’ll decorate with that and maybe some red roses to match Justin’s boutonniere and my bouquet. I love being in charge of all the decorations and pulling it all together myself. Maybe I’ve been lying to myself, I might be a bit of a control fiend. In a good way though. I like the sense of accomplishment I get when I pull it all together. that’s not so bad, right? Right? haha
the last thing I did this weekend was figure out finally what to do with the centerpieces. The vases and flowers are Lori’s from her wedding three years ago, I think I mentioned that before. I bought little red gems and clear/white crystals to fill the vases with and give it a slightly different look without having to spend a ton of money and came up with this! I actually had three vases lined up on our coffee table, one with all red gems, one with all white/clear, and one with both. Justin liked the one with both, and I did too, so that’s what we’ll go with! The gems and crystals are fairly inexpensive. It will only cost about 2$ to do each centerpiece, which is awesome, thanks to Lori having pretty much the same taste I do in decorations! There are also little candlesticks that are 2 to every vase that look just like miniature versions of the vase, but since the wedding is going to be in such an open place I don’t think candles are a really great idea, I’m sure they would continuously go out. I’m thinking of putting miniature calla lilies in those, and the miniature versions of those flowers only run about .50$, so 3$ all together for awesome centerpieces? Damn straight. I think I missed my calling. Pulling a wedding together isn’t nearly as bad as they make it out on TV. Although Justin and I aren’t really high maintenance people, so maybe that helps too.
Next Saturday I’m having a little party with all my bridesmaids. Bree is actually way ahead of the game, she already ordered her bridesmaid dress! But this little get together is basically just for everyone to meet and get to know one another over some drinks and snacks. Tara, Bree, and Kendra all know each other because we went to high school together, but it’s still been years since they’ve seen each other, and Lori and Brittany know one another, but Lori has yet to meet all my friends from high school. I’m not real sure what all will need accomplished… I have the dresses squared away, so I just need to give everyone a copy of those. I think all the dresses should probably be ordered by February/March sometime. I really think that’s the last major thing. We’ll need to order our shot glass favors here in the next month or so, but that shouldn’t take obscenely long to come in. We just need to figure out a design we both really like! Discountmugs.com seems like the best place to get the shot glasses at. They let you design everything ahead of time and it’s only about $205 for 115 glasses. That’s the best price I’ve found so far.
Everything is coming together nicely, I can’t wait for August!