I’ve been sick for an entire week now.  I am a germ factory complete with sore throat, sniffles, headaches, and joint pain!  I’m 22!  I shouldn’t have joint pain!  Ughh.  So to say the least, this weekend was basically boring and consisted of my sitting on the couch.  blah.  The worst part about being sick is that I remember when getting sick meant I could lay on the couch all day at home, didn’t have to go to school, didn’t have a job to worry about (or did have a job but could still call off/didn’t matter if I didn’t make any money)  My mom would always, always make me jello when I was sick, not so much as a remedy but just because jello is fun, and she would fuss over me because 1, she’s my mom, and 2, she’s a registered nurse.  I knew I was always in perfectly capable hands with nurse mommy.

Now, obviously, I’ve entered the cold, cruel world of adulthood.  I have a big girl job now and can’t afford to miss work whenever I want, nor do I have an unlimited amount of days I can use to call off.  I get 10 vacation days a year and 5 sick days a year, both unpaid.   Justin gets a little bit more time off and he gets paid for it, so he can call off every once in awhile and it wouldn’t matter.  It’s rough sometimes, but you really can’t argue when you see the paychecks that are bigger than anything else I could be doing without a degree.

Ohhh, one of these days I’ll have a job I like.  haha.  And I hope to be healthy again by Friday!  Justin’s taking me out to Pittsburgh for a double date with Bree and Vince.   We’re going to have dinner and a show in the cultural district, the show is called I Love You, you’re Perfect, Now Change.  It looks like an awesome show, and exactly what I’d like for my birthday, which is on the 30th.   I love the theater.  I don’t get to go nearly as much as I would like.  This is kind of why I think that as much as I want to have kids I think I can handle waiting couple more years so we can do all the fun things you can’t do when you have kids.   As long as I can keep my biological clock in check we’ll be juuuust fine.