I tried Yoga for the first time ever today, and got up at 5:30 to do so. I really enjoyed it, so from now on you’ll catch me on campus at 7am on Tuesdays and Thursdays finding my inner peace….or something.
Anyway, I have a new recipe to share! I am a huge chicken salad fan, and have been searching for the perfect chicken salad combination, and I have found it! Of course with something like this, it’s all about your own personal taste. I like weird, period. I like interesting food that makes you second guess what’s in it, but I swear this is kick ass chicken salad! here’s the ingredients, and as you remember, just measure it out to taste, it’s the best way to cook!

  • Boneless chicken breast (I used two)
  • Hellman’s lite mayo
  • dices green onions (love onion, I use LOTS, like…7. This is where personal taste comes in. If I fed this to Justin he would kill me)
  • honey (I know! crazy huh??)
  • Lemon juice (I found a particularly juicy lemon, I don’t recommend using the juice of more than one)
  • diced celery (What is chicken salad without celery, I ask?)
  • sesame seeds! (I know, weird, but I just happen to love love love sesame seeds)
  • Salt and pepper.

    so yeah, that’s about it. The rest is child’s play. First I cut up two boneless chicken breasts. I like my chicken salad in cube-form, but you can do whatever you like texture-wise. Then I cooked the little darlings in a skillet (with pam, no calories!) and I used sage, parsley, and garlic salt, because I have an addiction to spices. Sage? AWESOME. Might be my new favorite (sorry tarragon!) While that’s cooking I mix the rest of the ingredients together and then dump in the chicken. It’s usually best refrigerated, then spread on some nice wheat toast. YUM I’ve been eating this for like three days now, I think I’m in love.

  • But honestly? It’s not bad for you at all if you use lite mayo and it’s FILLING. Gha. Now I’m hungry.