This might sound very odd, but nothing makes me feel more domesticated than writing out the grocery shopping list.

Justin and I split the bills like this: we pay for our own cars and insurance, he pays the rent and I pay the electric and groceries. I think this works out because one, he makes more than I do, so he gets the big bill (haha) but two, if he were to do the grocery shopping, he would be completely and utterly broke. I don’t let him come grocery shopping with me anymore because I plan the meals and the list and the budget for food…when Justin comes that tends to get blown out of proportion! The man can EAT. He also has the metabolism of a rabbit. Seriously.

Anyway. You may have noticed I did some small changed to the design. It kills me to use generic layouts. The layout itself is from wordpress, but at least I can make my own banner, I’m cute, aren’t I? 😉 heh.

Tomorrow Justin and I are heading out to meet the preacher for the first time. After that I’m happy to say we got our chores done (grocery shopping for me, laundry for him) that we have the rest of the weekend to spend as we wish. I will probably be dragging him to Pat Catans so I can look at a couple things I might want to do for invitations. The bulk of wedding-related things gets done on the weekends. Tomorrow night we’re heading out with Brian and Brittany to check out a band at a local bar, which is one of my favorite things to do, so they didn’t have to twist my arm too much.

I feel the coffee slowly (or not so slowly) wearing off. Just in time too, I need some sleep.