We keep things pretty simple around here, and birthdays are no exception!
Saturday Justin, Brian, Brittany, and I went out to celebrate Brian’s birthday at a local dive bar (which are always the best, hands down) and not only was everything cheap anyway, but we stumbled into an Augustiener (sp?) beer special, 5$ for a pitcher of beer. Needless to say we were in alcohol heaven. And aren’t they just adorable? haha. Justin and Brian were very very excited about their pitchers. their excitement was contagious and we all had a blast. Brittany tried her first ever fried pickle, and I think we’re going to have an artery-bashing day and try our hand at our own fried pickles (and mushrooms, YUM!) Justin and I don’t get enough use out of our fryer in the winter for obvious reasons. Anyway, we went out to see Brittany’s cousin sing in her band, but to be honest, I was already starting to sink under the table. I had my first shot of Three Wisemen (which is jose cuervo, johnny walker, and jim beam, OUCH!) I really don’t recommend it, it was pretty gross and very, very harsh. I like shots, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like shots that make me feel like I’m proving manhood or something. Give me Georgia Peaches or Southern blue any day, those are strong and taste good.
Here’s our DD for the night, the lovely Brittany. She DD’d because I refuse to drive her when she’s drunk. Biggest back seat driver EVER. Well, I’ll drive her again, as long as we’re not in the car longer than ten minutes 😉 haha. But seriously. BAD GIRL! 🙂
Judging from the angle I apparently cannot aim a camera to save my life. To be fair this was after Justin and Brian kept pouring more beer into my pitcher, and after a shot or two of manhood-proving liquor. that has to count for something, right? Yeah…I’m a lush.
I really do love a good night out. Lately with work it’s like we all really, really, really need it. It’s been awful lately. Busy as hell, and it’s hard to tell if we have more callers or if we’re just understaffed. I have to say it’s probably both. The company does really well, we install hundreds of new people every week, but we can’t hire fast enough to keep up with all the new callers. I guess I really cannot complain. The economy is almost in the toilet, and yet our job is so secure here that we are currently running mandatory overtime. As much as we complain about it, and complain about our jobs and yadda yadda, I do know deep down that we really are lucky, and should count our blessings rather than complain about them. I try to keep that in mind, although it’s definitely a trial.