My newest creation, our wedding invitations! I’m seriously proud, those are 100% handmade! (Ok, I didn’t actually make the paper, but you get the point.) The paper is embossed linen finish cardstock with a really cool texture to it. I printed out all the wording on our printer at home (it didn’t even break a sweat!) and hand stamped every single one with a rubber stamp I bought at a craft store. The finishing touch was added because I still thought they looked too white, so I hand tied a ribbon onto all of them. I’m proud, seriously proud! All together the invitations still only cost about 10$ to make 100. I think they look like they cost 100$ πŸ™‚ I hope, anyway. If they look like crap please do not make me go bridezilla on you πŸ™‚ haha.
I think I’m going to join the rest of the world and open a Flickr account. It seems like a good way to have a nice backup of all my favorite pictures in case my hard drive takes a nosedive (and then Justin’s backup hard drive fails as well…ok, not very likely) And because I’m a big photo bug and like pictures, ok?

Tomorrow Justin and I are going to pick out our wedding bands! I think that seeing Justin trying on rings will make everything a lot more real. Justin doesn’t do jewelry, so something like that will definitely be interesting. I also hope to maybe, finally, hope and pray to all that is holy make a final decision about center pieces tomorrow and figure out what I want to go with. Maybe.