I’m done. This is it! My centerpiece battle (lord I hope) is over. I feel like I am properly in love with this and it’s just the right mix of different and traditional that I was looking for. I’ll probably add some more red gems around the base, and the linen on the tables will be white. maybe there will be a splash of red somewhere on the table, a linen overlay or something…haven’t got that far yet! Haha. But really, I think they have the summer feel I was trying to find, and well and a different but not crazy look that is suitable for a huge barn reception! That, and all the flowers for the bridal party will be calla lilies, so everything comes together 🙂 I can’t wait to check out the venue again, I really want to see everything set up as a wedding site, last time we were there they were cleaning up from Halloween festivities.

Everything’s really moving along! I go for my first wedding dress fitting Saturday at 4, and I am so beyond ecstatic to see myself in the dress I’m going to be married in. I’m going to seriously have to refrain from posting pictures, but I can’t wait to see Justin’s expression when he sees me in it 🙂