Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Summer! Won’t you hurry up?
Justin got his first ride of the summer in last Saturday our at Brittany’s parents. Justin gets major cabin fever with a tad bit of crankyness around this time of year. I have it too now, and it’s pretty bad. Last Saturday was so nice out, I’m really hoping we have the same luck come tomorrow. It’s supposed to be 50 out, which is basically sauna weather compared to what we’ve been having, so I’ll have my fingers crossed. Right now I’m mad all over again about our quads getting stolen, I would have been able to go riding with Justin if it wasn’t for a couple or more scum bags. Grr.
Last weekend really was a lot of fun, especially with the weather finally (finally!) starting to look up. We went out to a bon fire and had a cookout. After we were all full and the beer was flowing someone came up with the idea of going spotting….so we did. haha
Here’s Brian in the back of a late 70’s 3/4 ton Chevy. Don’t mind the conspicuous bottles in his hands, we were all legal. 😉 Look at that smile, apparently all you need in life is a few good friends and a few (dozen) good drinks to have a great Saturday night. Throw in a joy ride of deer spotting and you have an excellent county night out. So we went for a crazy ride out in the county whirling around back roads and spotting for deer. I actually felt like I was blasted back to high school, only with beer involved this time. Yeah, wasn’t much of a drinker in high school, are you surprised? That’s what we did though. We live out in the boon docks and simple fun is what we do best.
It was really just simple fun. Drinking beer in the bed of an old truck and just being very western Pennsylvanian. Seriously, I can’t describe it any better. We grow up and we strive to be mature and sophisticated, but honestly, I’m pretty much a hick at heart. I have my wine and dinner show nights and then I have my beer and bon fire nights, I think it’s the best of both worlds. I can do that, right? Too right. I’ll always be a little bit country, we’re having a bon fire at the reception of our wedding for crying out loud! haha.
That’s me! Taken going about 50 in a truck that probably should only top out at…40. haha. Happy though, I’m seriously ready for summer!
Tomorrow I get to have my first fitting for my wedding dress! I really am well-beyond excited, because me dress wasn’t supposed to come in until April. What an awesome surprise to get an e-mail from David’s Bridal saying my special order was in!!
Happy Saturday!!