I have been feeling very nostalgic lately, which is rather funny, because my horoscope predicted I would be. Today on the radio on the way to school I heard an old song that brought back memories from years ago like a ten-ton weight cracking into me. Georgia Rain, by Trisha Yearwood came on. Do you have those certain songs that you’ve just completely written off your memory, never run across it anymore, and then just one day you associate it with memories that you never really cared to visit again? That was my morning.

I think a lot of people can relate to Georgia Rain, at least a lot of people from around where I come from. The song just reminds me of the excitement I felt riding around with someone I just couldn’t get off my mind. Before the time of booze and real jobs and real responsibilities. It was just so simple and exhilarating. I think that with age, that teenage-type feeling of being wild and free and rebellious really just ebbs away…it’s been a long, long time since I’ve felt the way that song reminded me. It’s not the people that made the feelings, lord knows Justin is so much better for me than the guy the song brings me back to, but it’s that time of your life where you really are free. It’s hard to explain.

An old flame of mine from high school and I used to sneak out on warm summer nights and meet down at the softball fields by our houses. It’s actually one of the most vivid memories I have of being around sixteen and seventeen. You have that heartbeat that you would swear could pound right out of your chest if you let it, and the thrill of getting caught makes it that much better. I was never a rebel child, really, but I loved those midnight walks.

But that sort of feeling goes away with age. I don’t have to sneak out anymore, I have bills to pay and a job to show up to. The freedom we took for granted so often as teenagers, wishing we were old enough to drink, to be out past 12, to call our own shots…well, we never really get that again, do we? We’re adults now, we make our own rules…for the most part. I have different responsibilities now that when I was sixteen. Those emotions, however hormone-driven and exhilarating they were seven years ago are strong. They’ve also evolved into something stronger. There’s passion where there used to be lust, and there is a safe harbor where you used to find cheap thrills. The type of emotion you feel at the beginning of a relationship would burn you out if it didn’t smolder to warm embers eventually.

There’s something to be said of the passion you feel throughout a lifetime. Each time you expierience it you can only be reminded of how alive you are truly capable of feeling. It’s a different rush of emotions for any given time, and each encounter can leave you fulfilled or leave you knowing there’s more to it than the violent heart trying desperately to escape your chest.

And I don’t remember what was poundin’ more
Heart in my chest or the hood of that Ford
As the sky fell in, the storm clouds poured
Worlds away outside