I’m blogging from my bed on my itouch. How’s that for a first?
I actually cannot stop thinking about the observation I did the other day at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for my social work methods class. I actually cannot tell you any details because it breaks a confidentiality code, but I can say this: it was life changing.

As I’m laying here in bed I litterally cannot sleep because I am so worked up about the field I have chosen. I can’t believe that changing my mind and major so much in college actually brought me here; the place I was meant to be the entire time.

I observed adolesents in a group therepy meeting. Having never as so much recieved a detention before this was the first sort of real counseling I have ever expirrienced, and I can’t believe how real and raw it was. I litterally decided in the 40 minute session that I want this. I want this bad. I actually want to help people, it’s not going to pay well, in fact to get to exactly where I want to be I’m looking at another two years of school once I get my BA. I cannot even express how incredibly inspired I am at this moment. I think it’s going to be terribly heartbreaking, and I think I’m going to be putting future baby plans on hold for this, but in 40 minutes I found a purpose for my life and I feel like I’m about to combust with the newfound passion I have.

Rather to have a bleeding heart than none at all.