…for every time I started a new diet, I’d be able to afford lippo by now. That said, here I go again, but older and wiser and getting married in less than five months so I work hard. I bought an amazing workout dvd, The 30 Day Shred, which was being raved about on The Knot’s message boards. The workout is intense, but it’s also short, which is really my primary issue. I literally have a max of 45 minutes during the day on Mon/Fri I can squeeze in this 25 minute workout and shower before work. I’m basically looking at working our right before bed, which means I will sleep well! haha. But seriously, the workout beats the crap out of you, I had to push myself to go up/down stairs today.
The second part is just eating right. I’m a huge McDonalds breakfast lover, as well as a lover of any food I can grab whenever I can, like at the Slippery rock library between classes. I spent about two hours Sunday night cooking for Justin and myself for the week. I figure that if the food is readily available and tasty I can grab a pre-portioned meal or two for my day. I made a batch of my chicken salad only I made it with a little less mayo and more honey, and threw in some chopped apples. I’m eating that in wheat pita-pockets for lunch this week. For dinners I made a big batch of pasta with spinach and created an amazing, spectacular, can’t-believe-I-came-up-with-it Chinese dish with peanut butter. I will probably be making another batch on Thursday since I don’t have to do observation, so I’ll be sharing that little masterpiece with you. I didn’t make a ton the first time around because I was scared I was crossing the thin line between creative and disgusting. I assure you, if you like Chinese and you like peanut butter you will (surprisingly) love this.
I’m just trying to make small day-to-day changes right now. I am carrying around a bottle of water and drinking like a fish. I’m skipping my nightly wine/beer before bed. I’ve stopped eating after 8 (I was really bad about eating after work) and I’ve cut out pretty much every beverage besides black coffee and water. I do drink on the weekends though, I don’t see that changing, haha.
I put a little tracker on the left side of this page. My goal is to lose 37 lbs. Not before the wedding, just in general. After that we’ll see where I stand.