Hi, I’m a very, very, very liberal Democrat. This entry is going to be very, very, very liberal. If you’re looking for a kick-ass conservative blogger, go here. Really, she’s great, and one of my favorite blogs.

Seriously, I will offend you, so if you are even the teensy-est bit conservative, you probably don’t want to continue reading, and what’s more, I don’t want your opinion. Sorry, but I’ll delete it. I warned you.

Gay marriage. I never really touched base on this subject before in depth besides random outrages, but over the last couple weeks I’ve just really come to terms as to what an injustice it is that a homosexual couple cannot get married.

I’m on cloud nine with planning our wedding. I really don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a single event so much in my life. My day revolves around Justin and planning the rest of our life together and we are free to do so because we have two different sets of sexual organs.

I think the issue that makes me the angriest is that people (heterosexuals, naturally) feel that they have the right to vote on another person’s marriage. Take it from this perspective: you meet someone, you fall in love with them, and for some crazy reason they feel the same about you. You realize that your quality of living would be out of this world if you could only just spend the rest of your life with them…and then you had to put it up for national scrutiny and vote. You couldn’t get married unless everyone in the free world approved. Please, am I the only one who finds that idea completely and utterly revolting? You can say that you don’t need to get married, but then it’s only half a relationship. Marriage is that final frontier where you make that commitment in front of everyone you love and care for and tell the world that your partner is who you want with you until the day you die. I can tell you right now calling Justin my husband is going to be a whole different ballgame than calling him my boyfriend. Not only that, but if he were hurt and in the hospital I want the right to be able to see him. I don’t have that right as his fiance, but I will in 4 months as his wife.

Now on to the religious aspect of things. Keep religion out of government. You know what other ruling political body is heavily influenced by religion? The Taliban. I’m absolutely not knocking Islam, but as it was with the Catholic church for years and years, we see how corrupt things can be when you start mixing the two. I don’t believe that a country like the United States, a country that was based on religious freedom, should have one central religion that helps make the decisions. Do I think we should get rid of the “in God we trust” on money? No, stop being a whiny baby. Some things simply don’t need to be changed simply for the sake of political correctness, but in 2009 we don’t need the argument “God will send you to hell for having sex with another man!” when half the population doesn’t even believe in the Christian God. I don’t think God discriminates, I really don’t. Besides, if you want to quote the Bible and its views about rights and wrongs about marriage, then we get into Polygamy Abraham had a few wives at the same time, but of course it’s taboo now. Didn’t the same Bible that people love to quote say “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”? Stop using religion as an excuse for being an asshat.

People say that a homosexual relationship is unnatural. Did you know there are at least 51 species of animals that have been recorded in a homosexual type relationship? If you want to go and say that having a homosexual relationship is a choice then what about the animals that just go after what feels right to them? They live on instinct, not a conscious free will. Speaking of choice, if you had to choose between going out to eat in a restaurant that was in a horrible neighborhood with a ton of gang violence and a likelihood that you will get mugged, or go to a restaurant in a nice neighborhood the same distance and same price, which would you choose? You’d choose the one that didn’t get you shot. I think that it’s laughable that people say that being gay is a choice. It is obviously not a choice because it’s a hard choice. We’re human, we go the easy route by nature! I could not choose to not love Justin. I couldn’t. He’s so deeply a part of me that it would kill me if he were no longer there. Falling in love is not a choice. Justin and I hurt some friends we cared about because we simply could not deny that we had something between us. Would he have messed up a long friendship for a one night stand or because he thought I’d make a cool fling? No. He would have chosen to walk away and pursue someone else, someone who was easier to be with that wouldn’t ripple the water. But no, he took a chance, played a game of chess, and decided in the end that it was worth the fallout to be with someone who he could not walk away from. I couldn’t walk away from him either, no matter who I hurt in the process. I cannot choose to not love him.

Honestly, the point I’m really getting at is that if you are against gay marriage then don’t have one. Don’t have one! What an idea! Keep your religion, your bigotry, your hate, your narrow-mindedness off other people’s happiness.
The one thing that makes me feel better about all this is that eventually gay marriage will be legal. 50 years ago interracial marriages were illegal and now it’s discrimination to deny that union. As Gandhi said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” You see it all over history and although I cringe every time history inevitably repeats itself when we should be learning from it, I take comfort in the fact that we as the human race are slowly but surely making progress.

There you have it. I’ve said my bit, and if you’re still trucking along with me then thanks for reading. Remember, this post is not open to debate. If you try to debate my opinion here I’ll delete it. I’m done with the bigotry and I don’t want a part of it anymore.