My previous post must have shown up on quite a few search engines, the number of views is almost triple what my regular/non-stabby posts are. I’m glad to see people heeded my warning and didn’t argue 🙂

Onto more fun things to talk about, like bridal showers! More specifically Bree’s, which was this past Saturday. It was an awesome party, and I’m basically super pumped for my own bridal shower (what? A girl can’t like presents??) haha, but seriously, I really can’t wait now. It reminded me of the big birthday parties we’d have when we were little and invited our whole class, only this time we get excited over towels and crock pots rather than barbies and hot wheels and we drink wine now instead of juice.

I wonder when exactly it was that I got super excited over getting towels as a gift. Seriously, when did I get so old?? And don’t even get me started on kitchen supplies. Justin and I practically drooled the entire time we were setting up our registry in those isles! I don’t mind the change though, and I’m pretty excited for all the wedding stuff to be over so we can concentrate on finding a house…there’s always so much to look forward to in life!

Here I am looking pretty special with the ribbon bouquet I made out of the ribbons from Bree’s gifts. I’m actually pretty proud of it, in case you couldn’t tell 😉

May is going to be….ridiculous. Something is going on every weekend, from bachelorette parties to rehearsal dinners, to the main event. I will seriously be busy. This Saturday Justin and I are meeting my parents at the location our wedding/reception will be, my parents still haven’t seen it yet. It’s supposed to reach 83 degrees on Saturday, so we’ll be on the bike, for sure! I also have my second dress fitting at David’s Bridal at 3, I’ll be buying my veil then. I can’t wait to see everything all put together…omg.

I hope I look marginally better in my dress too. I’ve been working hard trying to lose weight and although I haven’t noticed a difference someone at work yesterday did…it really made my day! I’ve been doing the Shred every day this week, and next week I’ll be ready to move onto level two (gulp) and hopefully continue to see the numbers on the scale trickle downward. I have my own brand of motivation, and I keep it locked up in the back of my mind. Saturday cannot come soon enough, I can’t wait to have my dress on!