I finished with my classes Wednesday. I’m free until later in June when my online summer classes kick in.

As I drove home yesterday from my last final I wasn’t as happy and relieved as I have been after past semesters have ended. Technically, if I did everything exactly right, I should be graduating on Saturday. I changed my major 3 times and added a double major, so that date gets postponed until next May. Part of me is seriously depressed and seriously dissapointed in myself. How hard is it to get a degree in four years? Seriously? Then I woke up and realized that finishing a four year degree in four years is getting to be a thing of the past. I’ll get there soon, and I’ll have two bachelor degrees to show for my extra year, so I really can’t be that upset with myself.

I’m wondering what it would be like to not have school anymore. I’ve been taking classes for the last three years straight, always taking inline courses in the summer. I’ve never been without a class or 2. This summer I’m finishing up my criminology degree requirements with two summer courses and then next semester I’ll only be taking on class on Mondays. How awesome =) I’m lucky in the fact that once I graduate I’ll still be working here making a nice paycheck, I can afford to be pickier than someone who has no job and needs money.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m only 22. I think I was born 30 and haven’t really taken the time to think about what I should be doing and where I should be at the age I actually am. I’m getting married fairly young, I’ve been independent from my parents for about three years now, and I really feel proud of the little life Justin and I have created together. I think sometime I just have to remember to chill out and breathe, remember that at 22 I’m not expected to have a degree, a booming career, a big house, a husband, and a million other things I want at this very second.

Justin got something he wanted on Monday, a new Colorado!
Don’t mind the quality, it was from my camera on my phone. But yeah! Our first major purchase together! Justin’s been thinking about trading in his car for a long time now, and he knew he wanted a truck so he can take his dirt bike up to the camp and whatnot. My issue was that he wanted a truck with a big bed and no back seat, just a two-seater cab. If we’re going to put the money into a new vehicle and will have it for a good while then I wanted something that is kid-friendly too. I know, it’s weird to be thinking about kids, but in 3-5 years we plan on it. So we debated back and forth, and last Saturday we found this guy in New Castle! I really like it, it has a big enough bed for Justin and a little backseat that it just plain nice to have for now, and very good to have for the future. It was kind of cool to actually make the decision together. Justin went on Monday to talk to the dealer about it while I was at work, and he kept texting me the prices they offered him. He said that I really helped him bring the price down because I kept saying no, and Justin relayed that he can’t buy something this massive without my approval. It was awesome, and we basically got them to lower the per-month payment by 50 dollars. Yesssss.

Tomorrow is Brian and Brittany’s joint bachelor party. A keg, a bon fire, and lots of dirk bike/four wheeler action. I’m pretty pumped, as a good country girl should be 🙂 I’m sure I’ll have many photo’s of our drunked debauchery last on. Happy Friday everyone!