It’s really no secret I’m not overly fond of my job, but every other Thursday I am reminded why I grin and bear it. I get my paycheck.

I’ll freely admit that if I didn’t read the news I would never know the economy is as bad as it is. The Consumerist has articles daily about the panic in our country about money. I’m happy to say I think Justin and I dodged the bullet. I feel bad for the new college grads who are scrambling around right now trying to find their first “big kid” job. I realize I’m lucky that I can make a living here if my degree ends up being worthless until the economy picks up. I think I almost subconsciously knew that working until midnight every night on school nights would put me in a more comfortable place later on. I didn’t get to do as much “college” stuff as a lot of my friends have, but I am very secure right now. I guess that was a sacrifice I felt I needed and wanted to make. Everyone says I’m crazy, and I think that about myself from time to time, but I am a serious workaholic, and incredibly lucky. While other people are getting laid off my company just hired 22 people and initiated mandatory overtime for all employees. I know I could be doing a lot worse right now, especially with a wedding in three months.

Sometimes it’s hard to sit and actually reflect about how well we’re doing when I just want to complain about my job. I’m trying very hard to appreciate the things we have. For example, Justin just got a promotion, a raise, and a really shitty schedule. I was pretty put out for awhile that he would not have weekends off anymore when I still do, although we’re going to be on the same shift from here on out as far as working day/night goes. Then I realized I was being horribly ungrateful. He got a promotion, and I’m crabby I would have to rearrange my schedule to have the weekend in the middle of the week? Yeah, I have a bit of perspective now, so I found people to trade my weekends for the days off he has and realized it was no big deal. It’s no different than a regular weekend, in fact, we plan on making Wednesday our Slippery Rock Brewery wings and beer date nights…because nothing says romance like wings and beer 😉

I guess what I’m getting at is that you gotta just roll with things. Justin and I will finally be working the same shift, and although Saturday and Sunday are my favorite days of the week, I’ll trade them in for Wednesday and Thursday in a heartbeat to be with Jut, and I plan on it! I really need to work on just appreciating life in general. I’m alive, I have a steady income, I have a wonderful place to live, amazing friends and family, and I’m trading my weekends off to get even more out of the week with my wonderful husband-to-be. I’m a lucky girl.