Another wonderful weekend!

Saturday was Bree’s bachelorette party. All the girls went out to one of the best Mexican places in our hometown and basically parked there for the night, seeing how high a tab we can run. Bree swung by to my place on her way from Pittsburgh and her sister took us the rest of the way to the restaurant. Later after the festivities my wonderful fiance made the hour drive to pick me up so I could get properly intoxicated.

This place is really popular in town and have amazing food. The best part about this place? They make the best margaritas ever. What’s even better is that they serve them in glasses as big as your head.
Drinks this big also attract some attention, which is surprising that a drink would attract more attention than, say, a penis necklace, but you’ll have that. She got lots of compliments on the massive drink, and I was so proud. We also harassed the crap out of her for not sucking the whole thing down in five minutes, I’m not sure if we were aiming to give her brain freeze or alcohol poisoning…or maybe a little of both. Whoops! I ordered this beautiful peachy concoction for Bree at the beginning of the night, and she was still trucking along on it three hours later. Needless to say, I felt very accomplished 😉
I don’t think it helped that every time Bree said her fiance’s name her mom plopped a penis-shaped ice cube into her drink. The ice cubes are the questionable looking things floating around in the drink there, just in case you were wondering, haha 🙂 After we ran out of ice cubes every time she said his name she got a shot. Bree doesn’t drink too often, so we basically had a very cheap date on our hands 😉

I guess I should be a little concerned for my own party, Bree made it perfectly clear throughout the night that she was not letting me get away with getting her inebriated. I guess I’ll get what is coming to me….darn 😉