pomander My latest creation! Don’t mind the green foam peeking through, I basically just wanted a rough idea of what it would look like, and if it would be worth the trouble. I think it will be worth it! I’m thinking of using them to decorate the chairs for the ceremony, I’m going to need to make like…50. yikes! haha. I guess it will depend on the final guest count and exactly how many chairs will get one. I’m definetly not thinking every single chair, but maybe every other or every three…we will see!

I have a lot of little projects I’m excited to start working on, escort cards, finish the invitations, do these pomanders, programs, finish the flowers! So much more! I figure this will be the only time I can really go all out on my love of crafts, and I plan on taking full advantage of that!

We’re about to go meet with the venue lady where we’re having our ceremony and reception, I’ll be sharing those pictures tomorrow probably. I cannot wait to see everything all done up for a wedding!! I work again tomorrow, then I’m off for Bree’s rehearsal and wedding Friday and Saturday, I really can’t believe it’s here… but I’m sure she’s totally ready 😉