betsy's 16 Happy Thursday! It’s actually Friday for me, since tomorrow we begin getting ready to get Bree hitched, haha. Yesterday I had a nice random day off, so Justin and I set up an appointment to meet with the venue lady for where we’re having the ceremony and reception.

Since we decided on our venue, they went to town adding some additions to the place and remodeling. The first picture is the huge addition of an enclosed balcony they added, which is completely gorgeous.
Betsy's 1 I can’t believe how amazing all the remodeling turned out! Justin and I went past the place a couple times during the winter to just check things out, and really there are no words for how happy we are with the remodeling. We were happy with it in the first place, they just blew us away with everything now!

The second picture is a particular favorite addition of mine, the outside bar 😉 Justin is particularly fond of of the Kegorator that holds 6 half-barrels. Haha. I’m just loving the fact that we’re telling people we’re getting married in a barn, but when they show up they’re going to wonder where the “barn” is! It doesn’t look anything like a barn anymore, or maybe it just looks like a glorified barn. It’s gorgeous.

betsy's 13 This is the gazebo we’re getting married in. We’ve kind of gone back and forth about doing the actual ceremony in here, since it only seats 30 and we’ll have about 120ish, but the outside of the gazebo would be set up with chairs and plenty of space for people. That and the ceremony will only be about 20 minutes, 30 at the absolute most. The other option would be outside in the field by a big oak tree, which is also beautiful. If we decide to go that route we’ll do a wedding arch, but the gazebo is so gorgeous already, I just of want to attack it with a little tulle and some flowers and just go with it. If you want to see the whole set, check out my Flickr.
Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be crazy busy. Up tomorrow hopefully by 9, do half my grocery shopping, then getting my nails done. After that I will finish the second half of my shopping and then go tanning. Hopefully I have enough time to stop at our local winery real quick, then it’s time to get ready for Bree’s rehearsal dinner. Saturday is showtime! Lots of pictures and lots of fun! I can’t wait, and I’ll be sure to blow up my flickr account on Monday!