No seriously. I have discovered I am a wedding crier.
Bree and Me! Bree got married on Saturday! The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative either, it was a gorgeous warm day and the sun shined the whole time. I know they say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but eff that, I like sunshine.
Anyway, Bree looked gorgeous, her dress (which was the last one in that style in the entire country because they discontinued it right before she bought it) was stunning. Oh, and all her bridesmaids were pretty good looking too πŸ˜‰
I have discovered that I do, in fact, cry at weddings. Or maybe just the weddings of my best friends when I’m thinking about myself being in their shoes in three months, whatever. I was a bit choked up while the preacher talked about love. I think it’s even more intense for Bree, because her husband (wow! husband!) was her high school sweetheart too. You don’t see too many love stories like that anymore. How freaking lucky is she to get it right on the first try? Seriously! That is the epitome of a classic love story, and I am so happy for her!
My Honey and Me! I wasn’t quite so lucky to get it right on the first try…or the second…or third…or 10th…but eventually I got it right after kissing a couple frogs and stepping on a couple toes. In 94 days I’m going to marry the man that still takes my breath away and keeps me smiling for no reason. The wedding and reception certainly renewed our romantic sides, we were pretty much inseparable the whole night and danced all night to cheesy romantic songs that make everyone else roll their eyes unless they’re feeling the same thing too.
Two years later and I still have to question if this is some amazing dream or what the hell a guy like Justin sees in me, but then he throws the same question back at me and all I can do is smile and thank my lucky stars that everything that happened happened to bring us together.
Hey! We're Getting Married Next! One of the funniest moments of the night was the bouquet and garter toss. They had all the single girls out to the floor. I stayed put because, well, I’m not single. Apparently Bree had other plans. She dragged me out to the floor and I stood with the other girls. She turned around like she was going to toss it over her shoulder and I prepared to step out of the way…then she turned back around and lobbed it to me softball-style. Obviously I caught it. After that Justin was pretty much forced into going out to the floor too and Vince did the same to him. Obviously this little wedding reception tradition wasn’t rigged at all. Yeah. Right. It was funny though, as you can see from the look on my face I really couldn’t help myself. I mean, the whole tradition is based around predicting who’s getting married next. No prediction needed in this case, unless someone else in the room was planning on eloping soon we will be the next couple down the isle. Yay πŸ™‚

This Saturday is Brian and Brittany’s wedding, then we’re in the clear until ours. We ordered our favors yesterday, personalized shot glasses from We collect them wherever we go, so it seemed appropriate. I’m really excited about them, and I hope they turn out okay! I also ordered personalized cocktail napkins for the desert table and cake, as well as personalized matches from The napkins say “Eat, Drink, and be Married” on them with our names and date. The match books are what I’m really excited about. They have a picture of a flame on them with our names and date, along with the phrase “come on baby light my fire“. Justin is a huge, huge, huge Doors fan, so this was so perfect I almost squeaked out loud when I stumbled onto them! I bought some old fasihoned hard candy in watermellon flavor from We’re going to fill the shot glasses with the candy and tie them up with cellophane. I thought the candy would be nice with the old fashioned type venue, and nothing says summer more than anything watermelon flavored πŸ™‚
Tomorrow is our Friday, Justin will get the rest of the week off, but I work on Thursday before being off for Brian and Brittany’s wedding. I’m completely re-obsessed with wedding stuff and will be taking a crazy amount of pictures when the stuff we ordered arrives!