Brides =) Another week, another wedding! And would you look at that? It’s freaking June already!

Brian and Brittany got married this past Saturday. If I didn’t get the full-blown wedding bug from Bree’s wedding, I sure do have it now! It was a very sentimental ceremony and went off without anyone passing out, which the pastor seemed to be concerned about for some reason. I nearly cried at this one, the tears were not quite free flowing as they were at Bree’s, but I think it’s because all the mimosas had me feeling pretty good throughout the morning. 🙂 I need to remember that for our wedding. Alcohol = no sobbing mess of a bride. Got it. Anywho.

That’s Brittany and myself, right before the ceremony. I was kind of surprised how cool and collected she was. I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, since Bree was pretty much the same way. I guess I’m used to seeing the Bridezilla show and watching perfectly nice girls go major freak out right before the big moment.

Everything was really laid back the whole day, even the picture taking. Here’s a classic shot of the bride looking on at her husband’s favorite past time, flanked by a couple groomsmen. Justin is in the back looking on, along with Greeny. The look on Brittany’s face is pretty priceless, if you ask me. She knows what she’s getting in to, in any case 😉