I have a deep love for sushi. I am also pretty much the only person I know who does. That being the case, I really don’t get the opportunity to go out for sushi like I would like, so I am left to my own devices to satisfy my craving for it. Any real sushi chef would probably faint at my “technique”, but it’s quick, easy, and basically that’s how I like things to be 😉
Sushi 3 Here’s the break down. After reading the intense steps I found on the inets on how to make sushi rice I basically threw it all out the window. I used minute rice here that you can basically microwave and be done with. The only change I made was instead of the cup of water to a cup or rice mixture I used about 3/4 cups water and 1/4 cups rice vinegar. This makes the rice stickier so it doesn’t all fall apart on you. I microwaved the rice as per the directions on the box, and then adjusted it as I saw fit with more rice/rice vinegar. The seaweed I used I bought at walmart in the Asian section. basically you need just the half sheets of toasted seaweed. The package I bought was for a “sushi party”, haha. After the rice is cooked I spread it on the seaweed while it’s still warm/hot. I think it’s easier to roll this way. Sushi 2 The filling I used for this batch was carrot, artificial crab meat (more on that later), avocado, and cucumber. I just sliced everything very very thin. It was also my first expierience with avocado! I used artificial crab meat because, even though I love the raw fish, I’m afraid I’d do something wrong and give myself food poisoning, haha.
Anyway. It’s all really easy from here on out. I just load the veggies and crab meat on the front half of the seaweed and roll it up. the heat from the rice keeps the seaweed sticky, so I let the roll cool a little, which hardens the seaweed a bit before I cut it.
Sushi 1 As you can see, I kind of went to town making them. Not to mention the plate you see here is missing ohh….ten or so that I ate during the process. Seriously, I love sushi. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a dietary staple for me, which is nice because sushi is actually good for you and basically fate free! I think the cool thing with sushi is you can experiment to your heart’s content. Next time I will probably make these with tuna, again probably canned until I can get a little more in depth with the raw department.
Anyway, the moral of the story is: I love sushi. TGIF everyone!