We officially booked the honeymoon to Riviera Maya yesterday! We’re going from August 30th, (Sunday after the wedding) to September 4th. Justin officially submitted for his passport and I dug my poor neglected one out of storage the other day. Thank goodness mine’s good until 2015! I’ve been obsessively looking at pictures and reviews for where we’re staying and I’m pretty sure we’re going to have an amazing time. Bree thinks they’re going to think twice about the all-inclusive alcohol part once Justin and I get there (haha) but that’s one of the reasons we chose inclusive. We like to eat and we love to drink 😉

The nice thing about the resort we picked is that there is so much to do! We can do the R&R thing by the beach one day, and then do this the next! Quads through the jungle, oh be still my heart! In that same package there’s also snorkeling, which is another thing I’ve always wanted to do. Is it weird that I have no qualms about swimming in over my head in the ocean but being in a lake freaks me out? I guess I’m more afraid of snakes in a lake than sharks in the ocean!

We started receiving our RSVP cards back yesterday, I have never been so excited to receive mail before! Honestly, it’s so cool to see all our friends and family take the time to respond 🙂 I can’t believe that day is inching closer and closer.