So, Bree had this nifty little thing going on in her blog called “Things I Love Thursday”. Well, it’s not Thursday, but I don’t want to wait, so here are my 5 things I love, part I.

Justin and I1. Justin! There is no one in this entire world who knows me better, who has seen me at my best and worst, and who could support me in every way the way Justin can. I still look at him and can’t believe how far we’ve come in the last three years, and I really don’t see how I got so lucky. I must have been a saint in a past life. He is my miracle and I cannot wait to call him my husband…in exactly two months from tomorrow!

Bride's!2. Wedding planning! I’ll admit, it can be a major pain the the ass. The guest list more than doubled from what we had originally planned, the industry loves to nickel and dime you, and it feels like no matter how much you can manage to accomplish in a day there’s a bazillion other things than need to get done just as urgently. But after all that you have the excitement of planning the biggest party of your lives for your closest friends and family, you get to do some “research” at the local winery to decide what kinds you want to serve said friends and family, you get to make a kickass wish list in the form of a registry, you get a pretty dress, a great vacation, and after all is said and done, you get to marry your best friend in the whole world. I’ll take the stress in exchange for all that…and the sparkly rings 🙂

Sushi 13. SUSHI! Omg, I love sushi. I suppose technically what I make for myself are called “California Rolls” but that works too, since I’m a California girl, Born there. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I could live off of sushi, and I’m seriously considering going on an all sushi and fruit diet until the wedding, it’s so good for you! All the delicious veggies wrapped in rice with toasted seaweed…oh man. I think I’ve made them about 5 times since I posted my how-to, and I’m still not sick of the stuff. I need to hit my grocery store tonight and buy more seaweed and avocado though. But yeah, love my sushi.

Allegheny River4. The mountains, especially the mountains in summertime. This picture was taken in early spring, which is amazing as well. The mountains, aside from being amazingly gorgeous, just hold a lot of crazy/wonderful/surreal memories. From first meeting my soon-to-be brother and sister in law, to trips where I couldn’t call Justin mine yet, riding through the woods and trails on our quads, all leading up to him proposing in a downpour on the most romantic and wonderful day of my life (for another two months or so!)

betsy's 165. Our wedding venue! I can’t even begin to describe how in love I am with this place! When we decided to move our wedding date up we were so nervous that we would have to sacrifice some things that we really wanted as part of our wedding, such as it being outdoors, able to have the ceremony and reception in the same place, not outrageously expensive, allow us to bring our own alcohol in, etc. This place completely fell into our laps after some extensive googling. Not only that, but for some reason that can only be explained by fate, we got the very last day that they had available! Seriously, I cannot wait for that day to come!

Well, there you have it, five things that I love! I’ll add to the list some other day, haha. Now it’s time to compile my grocery, wahoo 🙂