I've Got SunshineOn Thursday Justin and I went off on a little day trip up to Erie, PA. It’s funny, when i was a kid and my parents would take my brother and myself to the beach, I wouldn’t sit still. I wanted to go swim in the water, I wanted to make sand castles and fly kites, I wanted to run around in my bare feet in the sand. My poor parents. Now that I’m older nothing, nothing beats lying on the beach with a good book and just taking in the sunshine. I honestly could have done it all day. I had a towel and my fiance snoring quietly beside me, and a comfortable sand-mound pillow beneath my head. Every so often I would roll over and let the rest of my body enjoy the sun while I read my book and listened to the waves.

I jokingly said to Justin that this was practice for our honeymoon. I know it’s rough just lying on the beach all day, so we should get as much practice in as possible šŸ˜‰ I definitely plan on going up a little before all the wedding craziness starts coming at us full-force. Nothing beats relaxing in the sun all day, and down in Mexico we get all the adult beverages we’ll be able to handle!

Farris Wheel Fun!Once the sun was getting ready to set, we made our way over to Waldemeer park. The only thing that could maybe be a match for a day at the beach is a night at an amusement park! Justin and I are big roller coaster junkies, and Waldemeer has a couple awesome ones, along with the general adrenaline-pumping rides that are just a step below roller coasters. We got there at a very good time, all the very young children were starting to clear out, so no crazy sugared-up kids were running around šŸ™‚

I also learned something new about my fiance. He doesn’t like farris wheels. He thinks they’re creepy. This picture was taken while we were actually on one, so apparently he doesn’t dislike them that much, but I found that funny. I personally love Farris Wheels, I think they’re romantic.

Overlooking Lake Erie

They also make for one hell of a view! Sunset on Lake Erie taken from the top of the Farris Wheel. Perfect sunset to end a perfect day.