15 days to go!

When I was younger, 15 was my favorite number. Why 15 you ask? I always thought 15 was that last year of your life before you started getting loaded down with responsibilities. It was the last year of my life before the freedom that a driver’s license offers you. I was also the older of two siblings, so 16 brought on having to drive my brother (who is 4 years my minor) around. 15 was that last year of blissful ignorance to the big bad world out there. Oh, I got my first kiss at 15, that was pretty cool too 🙂 But I digress, 15 is still my favorite number, and even though it will be almost a decade passed, I still look back at 15 with nothing but very fond memories at everything that amazing year taught me.

Now it’s 15 days until my wedding day, and obviously I’ve done a lot of reflecting about what exactly this huge leap in my life entails.

You go through life from one major milestone to the next, with a lot of little jumps in between. You go to school, you graduate high school, you go to college or get a “real” job, or both, you get married, have babies, sometimes not in that order…etc.

So, here I am deciding to get married. It wasn’t even a decision really, it was the knowledge that I could never be completely happy unless I had Justin in my life. When he asked me to marry him it was the happiest moment of my life and it will stay that way for another 15 days. I said yes without even needing to think about it. In my mind Justin and I were in it for the long haul no matter what. I want to build a life together and have children together. I want to grow old with him, and I know that’s horribly cheesy.

Planning a wedding is really stressful. I think that if Justin and I didn’t already have a love for throwing parties we would be at each others throats and this expierience wouldn’t be enjoyable at all. I’m laid back by nature, but I also find that I like to micromanage as much as possible, which is kind of a conflict, isn’t it? At this point it’s all down to the little details that need worked out. There is nothing major that needs done. We could get married tomorrow and be okay, which is what I keep trying to tell myself!

I think the day is going to be pretty surreal. I was in two weddings this year and while I knew they were getting married, it hasn’t clicked that I’m getting married. Maybe it will in the next two weeks, but I’m wondering if it will just all sink in while we’re in Mexico and I start freaking out over my margarita…haha.