I think I hit that post-wedding bell blues I had heard about.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that it’s all over with. It was fun and the most amazing experience of my life, but it was a lot of money and time and I’m ready to dedicate all that to something else (house!).

But I still feel so blah. There aren’t any houses out there at the moment that have really enchanted us, so we’re still in the early stages of just seeing what we like and don’t like. That’s not enough for me, I feel so restless.

Working night shift is really a nightmare. The title of this blog is My Limbo, which is basically how I feel about my life right now in the working world while still being in school. I have a “grown up” job that pays well, and I could make a living for the rest of my life here (if I wanted to be miserable 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for the rest of my life, that is). That said, I’m finishing up one of three classes I have left for my degree and then I’ll internship over the summer….then my limbo will officially be over. But right now we both work 3-midnight or so. I do it because I generally have had classes in the morning, but Justin has this shift because he got promoted. The only problem with the promotion is while he got a better paying job that he likes more, he now has the least seniority in a department that runs 24 hours. We’re lucky that there are two people that like graveyard shift, or we’d really be sad, but he had to trade in his day shift and weekends off for the new job. I traded my weekends off to have a day off with him, but it’s still not the same. While everyone can make plans on the weekends, we’re working. I can’t even cook a proper dinner most of the time and actually sit down with Justin to enjoy it right after I cook. It gets packed into tupperware to take to work if it gets cooked at all.

Something has got to give.