Wow, it’s really getting cold outside.

I’ve lived in Pennsylvania for about 99.5% of my life, but every year fall sneaks up and takes me by surprise. I blame my parents. They had me while living in sunny California and then moved us to western PA. If it were not for the fact that Justin lived over here on the East coast I would continue to be bitter.

I’m looking forward to starting my workout routine tomorrow, week 1 day 1 of C25K. I downloaded the itouch app and everything for it! I think I may have talked Justin into doing it with me, but the real test is trying to get him out of bed tomorrow. I’ll probably be on my own, unfortunately. I’m thinking of taking some “before” pictures of myself in the mirror in my bathing suit to kind of keep me motivated. It’s hard to keep yourself motivated with something like this, so I’m basically just going to try every trick in the book and see what happens. haha.

Another thing that I would like to accomplish this year is working on my novel some more. November is National Novel Writing Month. I always want to participate in this, but I usually bail a couple weeks in. Maybe I can really turn over a new leaf and get back to work on one of my life long dreams…publishing a book!