I know, I’ve been meaning to post some pictures and talk about our honeymoon for awhile now. I am a slacker, I am sorry. But better late than never, right?
Sombreros! I think this is a very appropriate picture to start off with, don’t you? Haha. In case I didn’t mention, we went to Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was basically one of the best experiences of my life! The resort was immaculate, and it was all-inclusive, so we basically got to eat and drink as much as we wanted, and drink we did 😉
This specific picture was taken at a restaurant outside our resort on one of the excursions we went on. We asked our server to take a picture of us, she did and left…then came back with these huge sombreros! It was pretty hilarious, as she didn’t speak much English at all and our Spanish is very rudimentary, but we were all laughing =) Us in Tulum This was taken on our excursion to Tulum, an ancient Mayan City. I love culture and history! The city was amazing, and sometimes it’s hard to wrap your mind around how people lived in actual ancient history. Seeing a huge city that was built out of stone and the culture that surrounds it also puts into perspective how young our country is. America is a baby compared to all these other civilizations. Mexico was so full of culture and history, as well as beautiful sights and beaches, it was the perfect destination for us. Another thing about this specific excursion, and Mexico in general, is that it was hot. Hot Hot Hot! I’ve never been on a tour where they actually require you to have water. you’re not allowed to go into the tour group without water, which I thought was pretty interesting, as well as smart. The bottoms of my feet where actually getting hot, and every once in awhile we would have to stop and let them cool off a little bit. Coming from Pennsylvania this was a little unheard of. I don’t think our temperatures ever get hotter than maybe 105, and that’s only on very rare occasions every couple years. It was at least 105 down there most of the time!

We're spoiled now! One of the best aspects of our honeymoon, hands down, was the pool bar. The glorious, glorious pool bar! Here we are in a place we visited at least once a day, generally just to cool off and get in a little liqueur fix. haha. The bartenders were awesome, very attentive and funny. It sucks that my waterproof camera didn’t have a flash, but you get the general idea! Mexico isn’t as conservative, per say, as America is. We could smoke and drink in the pool anywhere, and they had ashtrays set up for us in the bar area.

Cutie Just look at that cutie! Haha. One thing I noticed, however, is that it is almost too hot to get drunk down there. We spent hours at the bar (and our would-be tab if it wasn’t all inclusive seriously would have paid for the trip and then some!) We just drank because everything they made was awesome! The bar was literally a bar. There were stools under the water that you would sit on, and the bar part was raised high enough to be comfortable but wouldn’t splash a ton of water on the inside. The best way I can explain the bar set up would be that it kind of reminded me of a dug out. It was built into the ground of the pool and stretched on for probably 30 feet so that different sides of the pool could get bar access. It was amazing! I really wonder if anyplace in the US has something like this, because I want to visit! They took two of my favorite things, swimming and booze, and joined them in a match made in heaven.

Beautiful Believe it or not, we did not spend every waking hour at the pool bar, we went to the beach a few different times too…and there’s a bar on the beach, haha. There is nothing, nothing in my young life that has equaled to drinking margaritas on a Mexican beach with my husband. I’m pretty sure that was a little piece of paradise right there. And seriously, look at that water! Words cannot describe the color of the Caribbean Ocean. It’s the bluest blue and the greenest green you’ll ever see. People name shades of blue and green after the Caribbean but they simply cannot do it justice. There’s something about this ocean that nothing man-made could ever compare to. It’s amazing. Just keep swimming! And swimming in it! That water is clear! We went out to the very edge, as far as we could go before they roped it off, and I could still see my feet about 6 feet down. The water was so clear that we saw a fairly large fish a little ways away from where we were standing in the water. It scared the crap out of me, I won’t lie. It was probably about a foot long and was having a hard time getting back out into the sea due to the waves. I loved just relaxing in the waves and letting them carry us, it was truly relaxing. I really wish we lived closer to a beach, Lake Erie just won’t be able to cut it now! We got seriously spoiled with this beach, I’m pretty sure the Atlantic won’t be able to hold a candle to it, but I hope to make a comparison this summer 🙂 A trip back to Mexico is absolutely in our future, but we’ll probably have to wait a couple years and settle for a closer beach.
Just keep swimming! This vacation was one of the high lights of my life. They say that things don’t really change once you’re married (especially after living together for two years) but I did feel a subtle change. This man I was with is not my husband, and there’s a certain kind of bond that comes along with that title. He’s my best friend and so much more, and to experience this amazing vacation with him was absolutely awesome. We got to do a lot of relaxing and just enjoying ourselves, not to mention all the eating and drinking we could manage, and it still oddly took a lot out of us! Haha. I was ready to sleep for a week when we got back, but unfortunately is was back to the real world, leaving our wedding and honeymoon almost like a dream. It certainly was a dream come true, and I cannot wait to go back to Mexico, or any other traveling in general with my brand new husband!