At this moment I am 2 hours into an 11 hour shift at work. On a Saturday.

I’m kind of a workaholic. It’s not that I love my job (ha) or get any real satisfaction out of the job itself, but when I have a goal to work towards I have the tendency to kind of overdo it.

Justin and I recently got pre-approved to buy a house, which is really exciting! The pre-approval has also made the experience much more real. It’s one thing to say, yeah, we’re looking for a house, blah blah, but it’s a completely different ballgame when you actually know you have the approval to back it up!

The future is semi-uncertain now as far as where we’ll be living months from now. I’d love to say we’ll be in our very first house soon, but the problem is is that we just have not found one we both love yet. It’s coming to the point where we may need to regroup and go higher than our high point now.. and our high point is $100,000! Buying a house is a scary thing when you think about the financial responsibility that comes along with it. I feel very lucky that Justin and I both have a great amount of job security, our company continues to do well and we have both been here for a long time. When I graduate I will continue to work here until I find a job that pays more, but that could still be quite awhile.