I don’t have much of an update from our contingency news from Thursday. We scheduled the home inspection for this coming Friday and it is basically a waiting game until then.

The whole process of buying a house has been very educational. You have no idea what goes into buying real estate until you’re knee-deep in paper work. Here’s the cliff notes version.

First, you find a house. Not just any house, but one you and your spouse can actually (freakin!) agree on. (kidding honey 😉 ) You think that’s the hard part. When you find a house you both love, you immediately start the process of mentally moving in, which is such a bad idea on so many levels. Your husband will deny any such mental move in on his part and tells you it’s not yours yet.
The next part is putting an offer in. In our case the house was in a very comfortable price range, just came on the market the day before we saw it, and to us seemed like it probably wouldn’t last long, even with the market in the toilet right now. We offered full asking price and that the seller pay closing. The seller counter offered for a slightly higher price but would still pay all closing costs. We accepted and are now sitting at contingent. Contingent basically means we will buy the house if _____. In our case we have two things we need to secure the house. The house needs to pass a home inspection so that the lender will give us a mortgage, and then we have to secure the actual mortgage. As far as credit goes we have the money ready, but the house basically needs to be worth as much or more than what we want to take the mortgage out for. It all makes sense in a round about sort of way, but it’s a nail-biting experience.

Our inspection is scheduled for 9am on Friday morning. We’ll meet there with our realtor and the inspector and basically he’ll tell us what all is wrong with the place. We if there’s something minor that needs done we are not afraid of a little work, but one concern our realtor had was the roof. She seems to think that it might need replaced and may not pass inspection. Justin didn’t see anything wrong with it and I have no idea what I would be looking for so I don’t count, haha. The suspense is kind of killing me.

It’s not even that I would be against putting the work into replacing a roof, it’s the fact that it would need to be done before we could buy the house and it is the middle of winter in western PA. Not exactly roof-replacing weather by any means.

If the roof passes then our last hurdle is the assessment. As long as the house is worth as much or more than we’re paying then we will get the money to buy it.

I’ll admit, I’m already halfway mentally moved in. I have big plans for the kitchen and the bathroom is half painted. A garden is almost planted in the huge back yard and Justin and I are already arguing over all the color options for the extra bedrooms (haha). The point I’m trying to get to is that it is hard to not let yourself mentally move into a house that you love, and the closer you get to obtaining it the harder it is to reel yourself back in.

This week will probably be one of the slowest of my life, I hope it goes by quickly!!